September 2013

Best Price For Gold - Cash In A Flash

When thinking of where to go to get Cash For Gold, think Cash In A Flash!  We strive to make sure that when we advertise a price for gold, it’s the best price in Adelaide!
How do we do this?


  • We check local competition regularly  to ensure our prices are the best!
  • If a better advertised price is found in Adelaide, we’ll beat it!*
  • What we offer is what we pay! NO gimmicks or tricks


Quick Cash Advances - Cash In A Flash

As a responsible lender, Cash In A Flash aims to ease clients’ short term money worries without becoming a new long term problem.  We carefully assess every client to ensure we only offer loan products that suit each unique financial situation and we never lend more than the capacity to repay.
A Cash In A Flash loan is easy to apply for and is even easier to repay.  We direct debit the loan principal plus fees from the client’s bank account, in three or six payments depending on income payment frequency.
Cash In A Flash is a big solution to small money problems.

Cash Loans - Fast Cash

Cash In A Flash understands that times can get tough and unexpected bills and surprise expenses may arise.  We also understand that when cash is needed for those surprise expenses, it’s needed FAST!

We have designed an application process that allows us to approve a loan in minutes.  We carefully assess financial situations and can quickly determine an affordable loan amount to suit requirements.  We don’t call ourselves ‘Cash In A Flash’ for nothing.


For more information contact us on 08 8258 7713 or visit us today