How It Works

Our cheque cashing service is very simple.  Your bring a cheque into us with 100 points of identification, we do a few things on our end to verify the cheque and once we can verify the cheque, we minus our fee and you get cash in your hands.


Unfortunatley, we don't cash all cheques.  See below for more information:

Does the cheque have 'Payee Only' written on it? 

If your cheque has 'Payee Only' anywhere on the cheque, we are unable to cash this cheque by law.  When a cheque has 'Payee Only' written on it, it can only be deposited into the account of whom the cheque was written out to.

Is the cheque a personal cheque?

If so, we can not cash this cheque.

What if the cheque can't be verified?

If we are unsuccessful with verifying your cheque, we will not cash it.  Due to security reasons we can not disclose our processes for verifying a cheque.